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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 @9:14 AM

Blogger is so troublesome. made me sign up a google account or sth. tsk.

Its the second day of sch but i'm not going. heh. cos tuts and lab starts next wk. so its only an hour of elective today. was thinking its add drop period. hope that lecturer will repeat what he/she taught again. hahaha..

I guess i'm just gonna accept that 2 electives offered. i couldn't get into that management with humour and another non-examinable elective. i tried management w humour last sem too la. so suay. grr. my exam timetable sucks too. elective with a core paper. not only for a day but TWO. sickening.

lectures started yesterday. was feeling super tired when i woke up. gahh, i still can't get use to waking up that early.. and i fell aslp during UOP lecture. hurr. OH YES, SABRINA IS SO SWEET TO BAKE US COOKIES. DAMN NICE LARH. MY FUSSY MUM SAID ITS NICE TOO. she's so nice! thanks ger! she packed it into different packets and gave each of us one. not share ok. how nice can she beeeeeee....

ok, i'm such a blur poke. i wake up THIS early cos i thought its de add drop period. and i found out its 11 (or 1130?) la. grr.

sidetrack abit.

i just saw this email sent to me yester by a reporter frm straits time. he/she is dealing with that hacker case and wants to call me up if possible. seems like this reporter knows everything. how come he/she knows my email add??

should i?


okok, gotta print notes..

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Sunday, January 07, 2007 @1:09 AM

just came back bout an hr ago. yet to bathe. haha! better blog fast in case mum pops in and nag.

am super tired now. swimming in de morning, mj in de afternoon, then babe called to meet up. planned to go sentosa to talk but was kinda late already. so we had pizza and cabbed down to west coast park instead. so bloody funny. i almost got muscle cramps when we played at de park. those days in RGPS. hahahaha.. so sad, didn't take any photos. but i secretly video-ed babe blowing her nose super loudly but she found out later.

omg. can't help but laugh at this.

we were into some conversation..

xw: oh he calls me BABY too but he spells it in a different way

xw: b a b... *thinking how he spelt it*

me and azrin stared at her

azrin: don't tell me baBI ok..

and we kept laughing.


xw still couldn't get it. she's always so SLOW. BTH!!!

then in de cab, i was sitting in de middle.

me: *whispering to azrin* do u smell ammonia?

azrin: ya..

turned to xw. xw looked at me with that look on her face. i THOUGHT she got what i meant. u know u know?

she came whispering to me. I THOUGHT she wanted to tell me sth...

xw: *whispering secretly* what ah? what did u say?


anyway, i totally forgot bout it until i read qiwei's blog. sch's starting on mon. SIAN. no, of cos i rem sch's starting on mon la.

but, i totally forgot bout printing notes! thinking of that makes me sian 1/2. i hate printing notes u know. esp when my computer prints like a snail.

till now, i still hasn't log in to edventure. yes, since exams ended. i didn't even bother to take a look at the timetable.

i know de electives are out. and lilian helped me check when i was outside. yeah, see.. now i don't even bother to log in to check. simply too lazy! i got that sex death duno what. sounds interesting. but it clashes with that stupid UNIT OPERATIONS paper!

i'm not that stupid now. definitely gonna SU that paper!

my hol has come to an end....... sad. very. i've got pre school syndrome now. :[ not excited for sch at all. cos de stress is here again.. i'll be so busy again with those tests, assignments, REPORTS and whats-not.

grrr. thinking of it really makes my mood goes BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u know what? i only really enjoyed this holiday till 8th of dec.

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Monday, January 01, 2007 @3:34 PM

2007 is here

Happy New Year to everyone... :]

It's de 7th day of xmas (isit? i guess so..)

we didn't take any photos yester except this.

Spent de whole day at home today. super bored. and u know when u are bored, u'll start to let yr thoughts run......

it didn't get better, in fact it got worse till late evening when i chat with jmei. it somehow made me feel better...

friends, i need them at this moment.

its de first day of 2007,


be a new me. or rather de old me i was back then.. before sch starts.

sch's starting next mon.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006 @1:55 AM

2007's ARRIVING.

its past 12am. which means, its 31st of dec. de last day of 2006.

well, this yr really passed damn fast.. before i realised it, its gonna be 2007 tmr. can you believe it?!?

it seems to me CNY just happened yester.. there're lots of memories in de yr 2006.. good and bad. de yr i turned 21.. adulthood, huh?

2006, i lost alot of things.

i wonder how's 2007 gonna turn out like. i hope it'll be better than 2006..

anyway, just when i said in my previous entry that i've never been to vivo, guess what? i went there 3 times this week. o_O but 3 visits with different people..

first w huoy and joan, second with family, third with xw.

i think i'm a shen now.. i've been having only one meal per day. so what do you call that? br-unch-er? i don't know why but i'd been feeling so tired. prolly cos been slping late or going out.. but i slept damn early yester cos i wasnt feeling good. i think i was already on bed by 1130pm. but guess what time i woke up? 12PM! omgoodness. and de day before.. i slept more than 12 hrs. i think i only woke up at 2+PM. so by de time i wake up, breakfast time is over.. and nua abit.. gonna b dinner time. 8S

anyway, went out with xw today...

vivo with shermain chye xiaowei!

vivo copy

me and xiaowei attempted to take a pic with DIAN XIAO ER (the shop's name) but failed\me with DIAN XIAO ER\de shop which says cha2 ya1 jiu3 (tea duck wine? haha)\xw with DIAN XIAO ER's MI4 JI2 (tts what its written on de menu!)\me 'practising' their mi ji\de dishes we ordered\DIAN XIAO ER-ians\de salty egg\tsk.. so salty\sighs, CMI\yucks. pork! i'm halal\de duck's tasty\xw w mi ji\ME\xw w xmas tree\my turn..\us..\us again..

Oh, xw just found de pics at lee wei song sch of music. only 2 photos. haha..

impresario duty for de audition

me with CHIEF PROGRAMMER chye xiaowei. HAHAHA.. people behind are those contestants waiting for thier turn...

no plans for countdown tmr. everything's so not confirm.... hai.

good night

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Friday, December 29, 2006 @12:18 AM


braces. excited yet super duper scared! i'll be bo gei on 13th march. a day b4 nes's and al's bday. 4 teeth. omg.... then braces on 20th march. what a date. its ruiming's bday! and also, de day i came back frm aussie. i guess i'll be missing all my tutorials on those tuesdays. die.

went ikea with my family and after that, i went to meet azrin and nes at marina sq. dropped by huoy's shop since she's working. she's super nice. she gave each of us a pair of duno what contact lens. love her!

de 3 of us each bought 2 pairs of shoes today :] lovely shoes. i'm really going broke.. no input but only output. tsk.

results out today. not v good.. but at least i passed.

babe's so sweet yester. she sent me this msg.. 我要肯你主去,可一吗? 我要起看电应. 我的话于好吗?

she used de hanyu pinyin function in her hp.. so funny. and i went round msging people in malay too.

i have so much things to write earlier on. but de mood's suddenly gone like that. :[

alright, de long overdued pics.. finally got it frm xw.. she's so bz.. but she lost de photos we took at lee wei song sch of music..

i'm too lazy to upload one by one. so i put all together. oh, byebye photobucket. not gonna use that for de moment. i didn't know blogger can upload pics too till my sis taught me. and now i can enlarge it if i want. greatt. saves all de trouble..

can click on de pic for a larger view now :]

huoy's bday cele at dingtaifung.

huoy's bday copy

basically de pics says it all. bday at dingtaifung. look at huoy making a wish.. she looks so serious! common huoy, its just a wish! de bowl of 'fried beancurd' we ordered. -.-'' end up its tau pok actually. lolx.. and thats her lovely guestbook.. D.I.Y ok.. xw was supposed to be in that last pic.. but so funny.. huoy didn't aim properly and she wasn't inside. HAHA. 'where is xw!?'

xmas cele '06

xmas copy

mini cele at qinwei's house. we have no xmas tree.. :[ and tadah, we decided to use THAT as our xmas trees. happily placed de exchange presents there. lolx.. we wanted to buy logcake but then qinwei doesn't like logcake and joan prefers mango cake. so we had mango cake instead. lolx.. i love them all.


selamat malam!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 @1:36 AM

Boxing day

Woke up today not feeling very good. supposed to meet babe but.. anywa, got a miss call frm huoy. end up, i met huoy and joan in town...

in de bus on my way to meet themm...

huoy was asking, 'is this for dogs or for babies?' omg. obviously its for babies! muahaha. should i buy for baby and lele then?

LOOK WHATS THIS! its BOOST!!!! aussie days..

i drank banana buzz :]

we saw this in de book. omfg. not pain meh? o_O no thanks, huoy. i don't want this for next yr's bday prezzie..

de 3 of us..

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Monday, December 25, 2006 @9:19 PM

Gladys is gonna order birkies online. there's new ones, 2007. so anyone interested?

i thought i may i wanna order another pair again since i can wear it to sch.

but i don't know which one to choose. its either Madrid Kimono Black, Madrid Ballistic Silver or Madrid Ballistic Black. most prolly de latter since my current one is white base.. AHH. i don't know. i'm so fickle minded. bahhh.

ok, if anyone wanna order, pls tell me ok? cos i needa tell her latest by tmr night. Pls tell me de size and de name of de birks u want.


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@5:10 PM

Merry Xmas to everyone :]

Spent de eve with de kranjians last night. it was steamboat at qinwei's house. well, simple dinner. we ate frm ard 9 to 11.30pm. mj was fun. well, pics be posted when i've got them. anyway we exchanged presents and so qiao, it turned out that i exchanged with xw, joan w huoy and qinwei with ying.

i've got a coffeebean voucher :]] can't wait to use it.

de one whom i expect to reply de sms didn't reply but de one whom i thought wouldn't reply replied.

well, xmas day is always boring isn't it? people always celebrate on de eve and then.. has got nothing to do on xmas day itself. well, at least for me la.

thinking back.. how did i spend my xmas for de last two or three yrs? last yr was spent with al. de previous yr was spent in aussie.. what bout 2003?? i can't rem at all.

results gonna be out this week i guess. *cross fingers*

well, someone came and msg me in msn how am i gonna celebrate next week. was thinking huh, next wk? well.. he meant new year. before i got to say anything, he said he's booked. alright, shall stay home maybe.

2006's coming to an end.......... 2 yrs passed since 2004. its like i went aussie 2 yrs ago? but it seems like it just happened yester.

i'm not really happy this xmas. i don't mean de celebration

but somehow, i feel like i've lost sth.. and it's really gone.

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